Train Horses

Arno is a very experienced and versatile trainer. He chose this profession because he loves horses and training. Although this is his career, it’s not a chore for him; it’s fun.

In a fairly short amount of time, he can take a horse from “zero to hero”. This is not because he is hard on an animal – he just knows what he’s doing and does it frequently.
Coming from good ole Europe, Arno has very conservative ethics:

  • No "miles and more"-programs, no drugs, no tricks, no abuse – just patience, real work and a training program that is based on knowledge, feel, and horsemanship.
  •  Arno is honest, reliable, and accurate
  • His declared goal is to produce solid, well-trained horses that can be shown for a long time while staying sound and motivated. The horses do it because they know how, and they love their job.

Train Riders

he term “non pro assistance” already suggests it;- Arno enjoys working with Non Pros.

He will make a team out of you and your horse. It does not matter if you are training for a high-dollar aged event or if you are a novice. In a heartbeat Arno can find that little problem, either with horse or rider, which makes the huge difference which allows you to advance so much faster.
Once you are ready to go show, Arno helps you all through the day, from picking the right classes until you are leaving that show arena. Check with Jeanine for Video analysis will also help you step up your game for the next show!
Arno is also available for clinics at other facilities.

Horse Hunting

Arno has a great eye for horses and for good matches. He can find the best, most-suitable horse to fit your needs and checkbook.

We also offer agent services and independent evaluation.

Our clients we left behind in Europe had (and still have) complete trust in Arno. – They often times have him buy a horse in the U.S and ship it to them sight unseen.  We have extensive contacts to find the right horse for you!

  • we can work our extensive contacts to find the right horse for you on the "open market"


  • We can function as agents for you during an auction that you might not be able to attend. This is typically a service that is used by our European clients. Or we can accompany you to make smart decisions in the heat of the moment.

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Horse Exports

We can organize your horses flight, paperwork, full trip and conduct the (usually) 30 day quarantine on our premises.

We regularily sell horses to Europe and in this regard started out to offer export services first hand - not only to save money for our clients but also to make sure the new sold horse is properly taken care of.

Our quarantine horses are isolated in a scenic redwood barn with 14´ stalls, dutch doors and accessible paddock.

Media Services

Jeanine is not only a horse(wo)man and strategic thinker but also a creative computer geek. This ensures a convincing outcome when it comes to horse media.

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