who we are

Arno Gorgasser

Gorgasser Non Pro Assistance LLC consists of the married couple Arno Gorgasser and Jeanine (Nina) Burkart.


Arno is a native Austrian and a professional horse trainer. Growing up in a family which bred Haflingers, he was into horses from day one and got into Western horses as a teenager. Arno trains horses and teaches riders of all levels. His clients are successful in Reining, Cowhorse, Ranch Riding and Versatility Ranch Horse. Arno is a Judge and Clinician for the Western States and Golden State VRH's.

more about Arno

Having riding as a hobby only, he first became a chef de cuisine and then later changed careers to train western horses in 1995.

While he was a chef, he and his team actually successfully took part in cooking tournaments.

One day he admitted to himself that cooking no longer fulfilled him and went into riding full time.

Riding horses for several well known horsetrainers, he finally started out working for himself in 2006 in Germany.

It quickly became obvious that Arno had a special talent and also fun working with non pros and so the wording "non pro assistance" was added to his name.

Many great successes were achieved in these past years with Arno as well as his non pro´s becoming European Champions, Fututurity Champions and High Point Horses in several years in all of the events he focuses on - in the AQHA as well as the APHA. Showrecord

Being a horse trainer in Germany, his bread and butter was reining - and he loves reining - but his big passion lies in the cowhorse and the hackamore. This being an area that is still new and not widely documented in Europe, he felt obligated to make info accessible on a broader range. So he braught two training DVD´s (in german language) on the market. "Riding the Hackamore" and "Cow Basics" gained a lot of interest and are still being sold frequently in Europe. If you are curious how this might look you can see previews of both on this link, (but dont complain, they are german ;) )

Arno is still passionate about his horses and his riding. He feels blessed as he is not working a single day in his life because for him it means he gets to "play". 

Even though this is not work there is still not so much time left for other stuff. But now he loves cooking for friends again, he collects bits and he has great interest in agricultural machinery



Jeanine Burkart

Jeanine (Nina) is from Bavaria, Germany and a non pro rider and competitor. She was riding horses – preferably the wild and fast ones - as early as she could walk. Having a university degree in Brewing Sciences and a background in Business Administration, IT, and project management she held a key position for a major engineering company.

Nina and Arno were married in December, 2010. She originally comes from the beer town of Munich, Germany and has a diploma in Brewing Sciences and is a Brewmeister. No joke!!!

Nina now runs operations for Arno and offers several useful services for, but not limited to, the horse world. 

more about Jeanine / Nina

Since moving to the US, she has been busy planning and physically doing a large part of the improvements on the property. She also takes photos, videos, and manages websites and other media for Arno and outside clients

Jeanine listens way better if you call her Nina. This must be because "Jeanine" dont play with chainsaws and tractors, but "Ninas" do :)

Riding-wise, Jeanine is a non pro and is being coached by her husband, Arno, which is not easy at all times for both of them ;) - but still sucessful!

Some of her major successes in Europe were:

European Champion, Reserve European Champion, German Champion, Year End High Point, multiple Futurity and Derby Finalist, multiple World Show Qualifier in Reining and Working Cowhorse.

our dogs

our dogs @ play. click for more info about the breed

are our dearest companions and almost our badge...wherever we go people ask what breed these dogs are because they really do stand out. They are Thailand Ridgebacks - an AKC recognized breed. Since these dogs are very rare and we are asked about them a lot, we wanted to provide some information about them.



a childhood dream

It was a childhood dream for both Arno and his wife Jeanine (Nina) to one day live and work in the country where the cowhorse originated. Tracking this target, Arno and Nina were finally in the situation to implement this dream in 2011.  After buying a ranch in Clements and doing a lot of paperwork, they finally obtained a Visa for the United States.

You are now witness to their story as they start as they start living a dream here in California.

They gave up a secure life with a crowded barn and many wonderful clients in Europe for a big adventure which they did not want to miss.  Please come share their dream.  They offer fresh cattle, endless blue California skies, and a good horse for you to ride.  Visitors are expected and always welcome.

Hope to meet you soon,

Arno & Nina